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This site is the web hosting portal of Orland Media Ltd — a full service digital media company. Through this site we offer a range of first class hosting services, including:

These services are provided to individuals, companies and other organisations and there is no need to be a prior web development customer of ours in order to take advantage of them.

Treat yourself

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a web host. We've gone the extra miles to make sure we offer something different; something better than our competition. There are five core reasons why you may like to consider choosing us to meet your hosting requirements:

1. Excellent customer service

Customer ServiceWe know that service is of the utmost importance. Nobody likes to have e-mails ignored, assurances made then not kept or to be treated as at best an irritation — and then have the pleasure of paying for it. We are grateful to every one of our customers for choosing us and we reward them with excellent, UK-based, customer service. If you've been underwhelmed by the service of your current host, moving to us is going to make a refreshing change.

2. Low prices

Low PricesUnusual, perhaps, but with us you will not only receive excellent service but also excellent prices. There is no reason for the two to be mutually exclusive, and we make sure we deliver both. For example, we've made it one of our business objectives to undercut all of our competition with the pricing of our web hosting packageswithout sacrificing features. Review prices elsewhere and we are confident you will find few, if any, better value packages.

3. Solid technology

Solid TechnologyWe use 100% Dell® servers running Intel® processors, configured in such a way that if one should fail, another will take over with no data lost. Each is stored inside a securely locked cabinet. These cabinets are kept in a climate controlled data centre which is monitored 24/7 by CCTV. Our connection to the Internet is via a fast 10 gigabit line, with multiple connections to the Internet backbone, and all our switches and routers are developed by Cisco Systems®.

4. Experience

ExperienceWe are in the unusual position of being both a development company and a hosting company (not to mention a training company too). This means we have a deep understanding of what you typically need from a hosting platform — because we need it too. We design and create websites and we need to deploy them reliably in feature-rich environments. We use the same systems for our own work as we provide for yours.

5. Great features

FeaturesWe offer problem free web hosting solutions packed with features. Even our starter package comes with a massive array of features — for example auto-responders and website backup. And when you register a domain name with us we provide you with control over it via a Domain Manager Panel. The most powerful feature we provide is your Control Panel, where you can administer all aspects of your account (see a live demo of this now).

More reasons

Here's some other information that may help you decide whether to host with us:

Secure payment

Secure paymentsIf you look at the address bar above you'll see a padlock icon indicating that our entire site runs over a 256-bit encrypted secure connection. We take payments through the trusted PayPal® gateway, where you can either use your PayPal account or any major credit card. We never store your card details or take unauthorised payments - you make them yourself manually, once per year.

Mobile control panel

Mobile control panelAt Orland Media we take mobile development seriously, so naturally we arrange so that you can have optimised access to your Control Panel via your iPhone or Android phone. All you need to do is point your device to, login, and your surfing platform will be detected, allowing content to be tailored accordingly.

Software packages

Software packagesWe try to make things as convenient as possible for you and on our Silver and Gold packages content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal are preloaded and available free of charge as one click installs. The same goes for phpBB, Joomla! and numerous other scripts. We're frequently updating and enhancing our collection of one click install software for you.

Green web hosting

Green web hostingIf you're concerned about the environment then we have something in common.
We completely separate cold and hot airflows in our data centre in order to improve cooling efficiency by up to 40% and we ensure that machines consume the minimum resources required. In conjunction with this we run a paperless company, printing literature only when absolutely necessary.

Money back guarantee

Money back guaranteeWe care about our customers' satisfaction and make every effort to provide an exceptional service. However, if for any reason you are not happy with a hosting package your are still fully entitled to a 100% refund within 30 days, as per our terms and conditions.