How to Transfer to Us

Often our customers have already had web hosting elsewhere and are moving to us to enjoy better prices, facilities and service. In this case they need to migrate a current website (or sites), the domain name (or names) that point to those sites, and the associated e-mail accounts.

The process is the same when migrating to any web host, but it can be daunting. In this guide we show you how to accomplish the transfer in such a manner that you should experience no down time at all. It's done by first setting up your hosting, and then dealing with your domain name(s).

A Step by Step Guide

Setting up the hosting account

  1. Begin by ordering your hosting packages only.
    For each site you would like to move, choose the option "Leave the domain name with the current registrar" and enter its primary domain name.
  2. You are next taken to the Add-Ons page, where you can optionally purchase additional products such as Premium Mailboxes. At this stage you probably do not have a domain name or a hosting package with us, so select "No thank you, please continue with my order".
  3. At the checkout, register with us and proceed to payment via PayPal®.
    Once payment has been made, your account will be instantly activated and you will receive a welcome e-mail explaining how to access your website via HTTP (to see it) and FTP (to upload files to it), how to access your Hosting Control Panel and how to send and receive e-mail.
  4. Download all website files from your current host via FTP.
  5. Connect to your new webspace using the FTP details given (use the I.P. number rather than the domain name).
  6. Upload all of those web files into your new public_html directory.
    If you have a dynamic site you will likewise need to download any MySQL database and set this up on your new hosting package.

Transferring the domain name(s)

Now that your site is established on our servers, you're ready to transfer your domain(s) over to us. This is not an essential step, but it is necessary for you to be able to apply our add-ons (such as domain privacy) and it is the easiest way to point your domain to your hosting package and have us handling your e-mail.

  1. Contact your current registrar. Ask them to:
    1. Change your domain's name servers to:
    2. Unlock any global domain types (.com, .org, .net and so on) and change the IPS tag to "EXTEND" on any UK domains (e.g.,
    3. Verify that the domain admin contact e-mail address is valid and being checked.
    4. Keep your account, with web and e-mail facilities, open until the transfer is fully completed.
    When a domain is unlocked the admin contact should soon after be e-mailed an authorisation code for transfer.
  2. Return to our site and run a search for the domain name(s) you wish to transfer. Select "transfer" and add them to your shopping basket.
  3. Choose any Add-Ons you would like (such as Premium Mailboxes) and continue.
    Some add-ons are not available until you have purchased domain names.
  4. Continue to the checkout, login, and complete your purchase via PayPal®
  5. For global domain name types, look out for an e-mail asking you to approve the domain transfer(s). This may be sent to you, or may instead be actioned by your old registrar. In any case, the transfer needs to receive final authorisation by the code acquired in step 1 being entered.

Migrating your e-mail

Your domain transfer is now underway. It can take 48 hours for the name server change to propagate across the Internet. During that time your website might be loading from either your old host or from us.

If you ordered more than one domain name for the same hosting package, we can point them all to the same site later.

It's now time to configure your new mailboxes and import your mail from the old host to us.

  1. Login to your Control Panel using the link given and set up all the same mailboxes you have with your current host. Also configure any mail forwarding. (If you need any help with this, raise a ticket.)
  2. Open up your mail client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).
  3. Add a new account using the mailbox username and password you set up in step 1, but again using the I.P. number rather than the domain name, since this will not yet be transferred.
  4. If your previous account was an IMAP account (with mails being kept on the server) then either connect by POP and download all the mails to your computer, or drag and drop mails from the old mailbox to the new one, by having both mail accounts open simultaneously in your e-mail program.
  5. Keep checking both accounts. When the DNS changes have propagated then you will find mails to the previous account dry up and they'll be coming into your new mailbox instead. In the meantime you can be sending from the new account.

When this occurs then your domain names will be pointing to our servers for both your e-mail and your website. Within 5 days from this point the domain name will be fully transferred to us as registrar and you can safely delete your old mail account and indeed close your old hosting account altogether.

If you would prefer us to take care of all of this migration on your behalf, this can be arranged, and with some more technical changes the transfer can be made even faster. Please simply contact us.